Jessica Lunsford Fingerprinting

Vendors and contractors must comply with Level 2 Screening requirements under Florida Law.  Fieldprint is now responsible for all level 2 clearances.  Their website is  You can set up an appointment online and find out specifics on what you need to have ready to get your new card.  Once you are online and have signed in, the system will ask you for the name of the company you work for.  The company is Pinellas Area Referee.  The system will also ask you for the reason that you are trying to get a new badge.  You can enter one of the following codes to continue the online process:

  1. If you are getting fingerprinted and also a new badge use the code FPPCSVendors or
  2. If you are replacing a new badge (lost or stolen) use the code FPPCSBadge.

Once you have completed this process,  you will receive an email requesting a copy of your birth certificate or passport.  You can pick your card up from the location that is provided to you by the fieldprint office. You are responsible for providing the Secretary at PAR with a copy of your new card.  It can be scanned and emailed to [email protected] and [email protected].

Renewal Notice

JLA has been in effect for five (5) years. Please be aware that any badge issued by PCS is a five year badge and must be renewed no later than five years from the date of the original fingerprinting. It is your responsibility to renew your badge.  Go to and review the instructions online.


Pinellas Area Referee Association
P.O. Box 10212
St. Petersburg, FL 33733